Welcome to your virtual field trip!

Get ready to experience Bentonville Battlefield from where you are right now!

Through this interactive, virtual field trip you will learn all about the battle of Bentonville and the Civil War in North Carolina and (hopefully) have some fun too!

We have divided the field trip into three sections:

  1. The Setting – an overview of the land and people of Bentonville.
  2. The Battle – a focus on the battle of Bentonville and its place in the Civil War.
  3. The Aftermath – learn about the costs of the battle.

While the field trip can be completed by starting at any section, it may be easiest to stay in chronological order and start with #1.

Each webpage has text (like this) from us at Bentonville, videos, photographs, and interactive activities! And, most importantly, ask questions! As many as you can think of and be creative! You can do that at the end but feel free to write them down as they come to you!

Teachers be sure to visit the For Educators page for more information on Standards and instructions for how to guide your students through this field trip.

The Setting

Learn about the land and people that made Bentonville what it was in 1865

The Battle

Examine the major and minor players of the battle and how the Civil War came to Bentonville

The Aftermath

Explore the outcome of the battle and learn about what happened to the dead and wounded from the battle


Bentonville Battlefield State Historic Site is a site within the division of North Carolina State Historic Sites, within the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources

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